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Great Books from our Sponsors

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"The Last Hookers" by LTC. Carle E. Dunn, USA-Ret.

The Vietnam War catalyzed an entire generation of Americans, dividing them along pro-war and anti-war lines. Aviator turned author Lieutenant Colonel Carle E. Dunn spent three years researching recently declassified documents to provide details of how the United States became embroiled in Southeast Asia. He presents a candid look at United State's leadership in his new book The Last Hookers.
Using fictional characters, Dunn, now retired, traces the roles of France, Great Britain, North Vietnam, and the United States in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, North and South Vietnam from 1938 to 1972. He details actual events such as Operation Vulture, President Truman's plan to use atomic weapons against the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) at Dien Bien Phu. This plan called for the subsequent use of atomic weapons against Communist China and the USSR. President Eisenhower gave the plan serious consideration.
Colonel Dunn weaves a story of lies, deceit, espionage and romance based on historical events. Exciting, entertaining, and emotionally wrought, The Last Hookers is the most profound look into U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia since the war's end.
From humble beginnings to honored war veteran, Colonel Dunn has spent most of his life in the military. Enlisting in the South Carolina National Guard, while working his way through college, he later served in the Army Reserve. Commissioned a second lieutenant, Dunn attended Field Artillery Officers Basic Course at Fort Still, Oklahoma. Upon graduation, the Army cancelled Dunn's orders to Korea. He stayed at Fort Still to teach gunnery, and was the first Second Lieutenant ever to teach that course. Next, he completed helicopter flight school and went on to serve during the Vietnam conflict. Highly decorated and widely published, Dunn now resides in South Carolina. The Last Hookers is his first full-length novel.
The Last Hookers is available online at these URLs:


Buy it from Amazon!

Buy it from  Barnes & Noble!

Buy the Hardcover!

Buy the Hardcover!

Buy the Paperback!

Buy the Paperback!

It is also available to order at over 65,000 retail outlets worldwide. Provide the store's clerk with the title and these numbers for the version you want: Hard Cover ISBN 0759655936.  Soft Cover ISBN 0759655928.
Those desiring signed copies should contact Colonel Dunn at:


"The Helicopter Pilot's Handbook" by Phil Croucher

The problem with helicoptering is that there are virtually no flying clubs, at least of the sort that exist for fixed wing, so pilots get very little chance to swap stories, unless they meet in a muddy field somewhere, waiting for their passengers. As a result, the same mistakes are being made and the same lessons learnt separately instead of being shared.

Another problem is that nobody really tells you anything, either about the job you have to do (from the customer) or how to do it (the company) - because of Vietnam and similar conflicts, people are used to pilots who can turn their hand to anything and assume you know it all - you will always be up against the other guy who managed to do it last week!

Sure, there will be training, but, even in the best companies, this will be relatively minimal.  This book is an attempt to correct the above problems by gathering together as much information as possible for helicopter pilots, old and new, professional and otherwise, in an attempt to explain the why, so that the how will become easier. It contains information about all the specialised tasks a helicopter can do, such as external slung loads, aerial ignition, etc., plus chapters covering two popular light helicopters, the Bell 206 and AS 350. 185 pages.

Price is $16.50 US, plus $2.50 shipping and appropriate taxes. Order Here. The PDF version is $7.50 US.  Visit his homepage.

"CARs in Plain English" by Phil Croucher

Canadian Aviation Regulations translated! 180 pages.

This book is intended to be a quick reference for people involved in Canadian Aviation, from pilots to Ops staff. We've left out as many boring bits as possible, such as preambles, zoning regulations, etc, together with a lot of duplication.

Price is $35 Can, plus $5 shipping and GST. Order here. The PDF version is $10.  Visit his homepage.

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